Since we first existed in 2007, we firmly aimed high and believed that the sky is our limit, we carefully focused on our objectives to create and build an integrated group of companies and institutions that work together, collectively and jointly, to deliver high-end construction projects, we invested in our youth and local caliber by building, developing and polishing their capabilities to get the best out of them, and motivate their initiatives and creativity, we utilized these potentials for development and production, in order to support building our country and pushing it forward to reach the distinguished position that it deserves among other nations.
Since then; we knew that this is not going to be an easy journey, nor a simple wish, hence we dedicated ourselves to success, worked hard, day and night, gave it all what it takes to come true, and never missed a chance to pursue our targets.
Today; almost more than ten years later, we look behind and see a remarkable achievement that makes us truly feel proud of ourselves and our work. We see a progressing country that we measurably participated in building and developing, we see a hospital here and school there, a residence in this neighborhood and a power station in that village, and we see those young men and women who joined us years ago with their dreams, motivation and enthusiasm got older with sharpened skills and refined characters, they became leaders and decision makers.
We become more confident that we are on the right track, and journey has just begun.